zkSync Era recovers from second outage in eight days

TL;DR Breakdown

  • zkSync Era, a leading layer-2 blockchain, experienced its second network outage within eight days on December 25, 2023.
  • The outage, caused by an automated safety protocol bug, halted block production for around five hours.
  • The zkSync Development team quickly resolved the issue, ensuring the network’s full operational status.

zkSync Era, an influential layer-2 (L2) blockchain, recently experienced a network outage, marking the second incident in eight days. On December 25, 2023, the network faced a disruption that halted block production for approximately five hours. This event follows closely on the heels of a similar occurrence, bringing attention to the network’s stability.

The zkSync Development team swiftly addressed the issue, identifying an automated safety protocol bug as the primary cause. The bug, an edge-case issue, affected the computation of state updates by the operator, inadvertently triggering the safety protocol. Despite these setbacks, the team’s quick response led to the resolution of the problem, and the network resumed full operation.

Emphasis on security and network resilience

Amid these challenges, the zkSync Era continues prioritizing security, maintaining a strong defensive posture since its mainnet launch. The recent incidents have prompted a reevaluation of these protocols to better align with the network’s growing maturity. A key reassurance from the development team is the safety of user funds; at no point during these outages were user funds at risk.

The repeated outages, while concerning, have been pivotal in identifying and rectifying latent issues within the network’s infrastructure. The team’s proactive approach to managing and resolving these glitches demonstrates a commitment to maintaining a robust and secure platform for its users.

Pudgy Penguins leverages zkSync Era for the web3 game

In related news, Pudgy Penguins, a well-known NFT project, has announced the alpha launch of its Web3 game, Pudgy World, built on the zkSync Era platform. Slated for release in the first quarter of 2024, Pudgy World represents a significant development in the Web3 and NFT landscape.

This game is particularly notable for its accessibility, allowing Pudgy Penguin NFT owners to participate without needing extensive knowledge of blockchain technology. This feature could broaden the appeal of NFTs and blockchain-based games to a wider audience beyond the traditional tech-savvy user base.

The integration of Pudgy World with zkSync Era also signifies confidence in the blockchain platform, despite recent challenges. This collaboration underscores the potential of L2 solutions in enhancing the scalability and functionality of blockchain applications, particularly in the gaming and NFT sectors.


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