Franklin Templeton exec highlights rapid blockchain growth in finance

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  • JPMorgan and HSBC are increasingly integrating blockchain technology into their financial services.
  • JPMorgan executed its first DeFi trade on a public blockchain and introduced programmable payments.
  • HSBC collaborated with Ant Group to test tokenized deposits and partnered with Metaco for a custody platform.

The traditional finance landscape is transforming significantly as major players like JPMorgan and HSBC increasingly integrate blockchain technology into their operations. This shift marks a pivotal moment, underscoring the growing importance of distributed ledger technology (DLT) in the sector.

On November 3, JPMorgan broke new ground by executing its first decentralized finance (DeFi) trade on a public blockchain. This was quickly followed by the introducing of programmable payments on the JPM Coin platform on November 10. The financial giant continued its blockchain journey by announcing a tokenized enterprise mainnet on November 28 in collaboration with Apollo. JPMorgan’s steps highlight the firm’s commitment to blockchain technology and set a precedent for other institutions in the financial sector.

HSBC is not far behind in this technological race. The bank tested tokenized deposits with Ant Group on November 1 under the aegis of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority. This initiative was part of a broader effort to explore the potential of blockchain in enhancing financial services. On November 8, HSBC cemented its position in the blockchain arena by partnering with Metaco, a Ripple-owned firm, to manage tokenized securities on its new custody platform. This move underscores HSBC’s strategy to stay at the forefront of financial innovation.

Blockchain’s growing influence on finance

The increasing involvement of key financial institutions like JPMorgan and HSBC in blockchain-related activities marks a significant shift in the industry’s perception of the technology. Sandy Kaul, an executive at Franklin Templeton, commented on this trend in a Bloomberg report, noting the rapid acceleration in the adoption of blockchain technology. Kaul’s observation suggests a growing recognition of blockchain’s potential to reshape global financial markets.

Franklin Templeton, an asset manager, is actively participating in this shift. The firm applied for a spot in the Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on September 12. This application clearly indicates the increasing interest and confidence in the potential of blockchain and cryptocurrency within the traditional financial sector.

A diverse approach to blockchain adoption

The approach to blockchain technology adoption in the financial sector is not uniform. While firms like JPMorgan and HSBC are making significant investments and advancements in blockchain, others are adopting a more measured approach. MoneyGram, under the leadership of CEO Alex Holmes, is an example of this. In an interview with Bloomberg, Holmes revealed that only about 20 of the company’s employees are dedicated to blockchain efforts full-time. This strategy reflects a cautious but open attitude towards the technology, balancing exploration with practical business considerations.

MoneyGram’s approach illustrates that, despite the growing enthusiasm for blockchain, companies are tailoring their strategies based on their unique business models, market positions, and expectations around the technology’s impact on revenue and profitability. This varied approach across the industry signifies a healthy and realistic assimilation of blockchain technology into the broader financial landscape.


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