Revolutionary RSS3 Token Unveils Groundbreaking Dual-Layer Utility on Mainnet

Revolutionary RSS3 Token Unveils Groundbreaking Dual-Layer Utility on Mainnet

Singapore, Singapore, ⁣January​ 19th, 2024, Chainwire

RSS3 is thrilled to⁣ announce‍ the highly anticipated launch of its Mainnet in Q1 2024. What ⁤sets the RSS3⁢ Mainnet apart is its groundbreaking dual-layer structure: a⁤ Data Sublayer​ (DSL) ⁣for efficient management of Open Information and a Value Sublayer‌ (VSL),⁤ an Ethereum Layer 2 (L2) with adjusted OP Stacks and Celestia DA to handle ⁤values derived from the former. But that’s not all –​ the DSL also introduces an exciting new feature that allows anyone to ‍create their own private⁤ Web3 AI in just 15 minutes.

The Journey of RSS3: ⁤Pioneering Open Web Since 2021

Since ⁤its inception‍ in 2021, RSS3 has been ⁢on a mission to revolutionize the Open Web, inspired by Aaron Swartz‌ and the⁤ original RSS protocol. The ‍upcoming ‍Mainnet launch is⁤ a huge step in this journey, aimed at establishing a robust Open Information infrastructure for the next wave ⁢of decentralized apps.

Milestones and Innovations: The⁤ Testnet Era

Throughout⁤ its journey, ​RSS3 has driven⁢ numerous⁣ innovations‍ with its Testnet, making significant contributions ⁢to various fields. Some⁤ key developments include:

The RSS3 Mainnet: A ⁣New Paradigm for Open ⁤Information

As ⁣RSS3 ‍prepares to launch its Mainnet in the first quarter of 2024, it stands at the forefront ‍of the‍ Open⁤ Web⁤ movement. The Mainnet’s architecture will be detailed⁢ in an upcoming whitepaper, promising a transformative ⁤approach to ownership and utilization of Open Information.

Key Components of RSS3 ​Mainnet

Data Sublayer ⁣(DSL) Value Sublayer ⁢(VSL)
The RSS3 DSL contains all Open Information within the⁢ RSS3 Network.⁤ Users can establish a ⁣Node or entrust ‍their‌ tokens ‌to⁣ assist in‍ the maintenance and expansion‌ of the DSL. Builders can effortlessly create‌ decentralized ​tech stack applications through ‍the DSL’s support. The VSL is an Ethereum Layer 2 built on adjusted OP Stacks ​and Celestia Data‌ Availability (DA) Solution, focusing‍ on handling the value and ownership of Open ​Information. ‌It is also the first native gas L2⁢ Optimistic rollup with⁣ Celestia DA utilizing the RSS3 token.

DSL and⁢ VSL together are expected to establish a⁣ decentralized and efficient‌ Ownership Economy of Open Information, where every RSS3 community member can contribute ‍and participate.

Looking Ahead: A ⁣Roadmap to the Future

As the launch date of⁣ the RSS3 Mainnet approaches,‍ users can expect more detailed ⁣tech insights, an⁣ updated whitepaper,​ a roadmap, ​and guides⁣ for Node operators. RSS3 isn’t just changing how ⁢information is shared⁤ and used⁤ online; it’s paving ‌the way for a future ‌where Open Information drives global⁣ innovation, creativity, and⁣ connectivity.

Stay tuned for more updates from RSS3 as they transform the Open ​Web​ landscape.

About RSS3

RSS3 is⁤ the Open‍ Information Layer, structuring⁣ open information for the next ‍Twitter,‍ Google,​ and OpenAI. RSS3 contributes to the⁤ construction of ‍the ‌Open Web by enhancing the free flow of Open Information. Visit​ to ⁤learn more.

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Milestones‌ and Innovations
Championing Open Information​ and ‌platformless media
Rolling out the RSS3 specification and the RSS3 UMS
Introducing innovative tools like the Re: ID browser‌ extension, Web3 Pass, and collaborating with⁤ platforms like Mask ‌Network


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