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Coinbase suspends 80 trading pairs to strengthen liquidity

TL;DR Breakdown

  • Coinbase streamlines operations by discontinuing 80 non-USD trading pairs to consolidate liquidity and enhance market health.
  • The removal, affecting various cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, aligns with a strategic plan and primarily impacts less significant portions of trading volume.
  • Traders can utilize more liquid USD order books, leveraging USD Coin balances.

Coinbase, a major U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchange, is streamlining its operations by suspending 80 non-USD trading pairs. This significant step, announced on October 16, is part of an effort to enhance overall market health by consolidating liquidity. Affected trading pairs span various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Tether USDT, as well as fiat currencies like the euro.

Removing these trading pairs took effect at 19:30 UTC on the same day across various platforms, including Coinbase’s Advanced Trade and Prime services. This move is not an isolated event. It reflects Coinbase’s strategic plan revealed in early October, targeting market suspensions to bolster trading efficiency. The exchange assures its clientele that the decision impacts only an immaterial segment of its total trading volume.

In place of the suspended markets, traders on the affected platforms can engage with more liquid USD order books. They can leverage their USD Coin (USDC) balances to ensure continued participation in active trading. Notably, USDC, a stablecoin birthed from the collaboration between Coinbase and Circle, was exempt from the suspensions, underscoring its strategic importance to the exchange.

This latest development is a continuation of Coinbase’s liquidity improvement initiatives. The exchange pruned its offerings just a month prior by discontinuing 41 non-USD markets. Despite these efforts, the business faces headwinds, with third-quarter spot trading volumes diving 52% since 2022, as cryptocurrency market data aggregator CCData reported.

Coinbase’s challenges mirror a broader industry trend. Binance, another cryptocurrency exchange behemoth, also grapples with diminishing spot market share. Data illustrates a consistent downturn, with Binance’s hold over the spot market slipping from 55% at the year’s start to 34% in September 2023. This marked the seventh consecutive monthly decline, highlighting the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency trading sphere.

However, these proactive market health measures by exchanges like Coinbase signal a maturing industry. By prioritizing liquidity and market stability, these platforms reinforce their commitment to providing users with a robust trading environment. It’s clear that such strategic decisions, though possibly disruptive in the short term, are aligned with the industry’s trajectory toward more significant consolidation and stability.


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