Newly created EC to hold first meeting

August 2, 2017

Upon the successful ISOC-BSIG election to choose officers as per bylaws , the SIG needed to constitute a full Executive Committee (EC) for the remaining official roles and work out the tasks to organise and prioritize its work. The Chair of ISOC-BSIG Pindar Wong has completed this task and announced the EC to the community as:

  • Pindar Wong, Chair
  • Walid Al-Saqaf, Vice Chair
  • Seun Samson Ojedeji, Secretary
  • Renata Aquino Ribeiro, Treasurer
  • Nadira Alaraj, Member
  • Michael D. Palage, Member
  • Hanane Boujemi, Member
Find brief biographies of members on the Meet the Executive Committee page.
The EC will be having an ad-hoc call this coming Friday August 4th at 3.00pm GMT, to define the formal agenda for the August meeting that will be held on the 17/18th of August, which aims at discussing future short and medium-term steps that the SIG will take to achieve its objectives.

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