Blockchain is now an ISOC issue

February 16, 2018

The Internet Society has recently published a new blockchain Issue page on its official website and now appears on the website’s overall Issues page. It comes as the Blockchain SIG is about to mark its first anniversary next month.

It is worth noting that ISOC had already featured blockchain technology in its Global Internet Report 2017 that focused on the digital futures. Furthermore, ISOC’s Internet Technology Program Manager Steve Olshansky had led a session on Blockchain and Identity at the TIIME 2017 conference, where he brought up the important question on whether blockchains can be used effectively to answer some of the digital identity verification questions that we face today.

As one of the emerging technologies made possible by the Internet, BSIG believes that having blockchain-related content featured on ISOC’s website marks an encouraging sign that ISOC is adapting well to the growing interests and demands of its base and the Internet community at large to engage more in this important domain.

We are encouraged by this development which highlights ISOC’s ongoing efforts to keep its base informed when it comes to emerging disruptive technologies that may have a substantial impact on the Internet’s future.

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